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How Broker Service Works

Make or receive an offer

Dealing with quotations fairly and impartially from the customer's point of view.

Negotiate with owner

Direct negotiation between buyers and sellers or intervention by 3H negotiation experts.

Reach an agreement

Negotiate and reach a deal to buy or sell the perfect domain name for a great price.

Complete payment

Submit payment for the domain via an insured & licensed escrow company.

Transfer the domain

Our professional transfer customer service will assist both parties to complete the transfer.

Our experts, at your service

We acquire your perfect domain

Are you not able to find your dream domain on our marketplace? Or would you simply like to save time and have our brokers handle the negotiations for you? Our experts will contact the owner on your behalf and handle the negotiations.

Just let us know which domain you are interested in and entrust our brokers with the negotiations.We will assign you a personal domain broker who will initiate negotiations with the owner on your behalf. You as the customer remain discreetly in the background. Guaranteed!

  • Individual support: your personal domain broker will advise and consult with you before initiating and solidifying negotiations with the owner on your behalf

  • Guaranteed discretion: customers remain anonymous during negotiations

  • Free Transfer Services included

  • • 50 USD one-off fee for contracting
  • • 10% commission on the purchase price upon successful Domain Brokerage

Highest prices for premium domains

Are you the owner of a high-quality domain? Our experts will help you to approach the right buyers – and obtain the best possible selling price for your domain.

We will assign you a personal domain broker who will initiate negotiations with potential buyers on your behalf. Customers always remain confidential. Guaranteed!

  • No upfront costs – You will only be charged if your domain is sold

  • Guaranteed discretion: Customers remain anonymous during the negotiations

  • Free Transfer Services included

  • • No contracting fees
  • • 15% commission on the sales price upon a successful sale.

Get the domain you really want!

Our domain broker negotiates with the seller on your behalf.

Sell your Top Domain through our brokers

We will respond to you one-to-one in a targeted manner.

Our Minimum Requirement for Domain Marketing

Your domain consists of no more than two descriptive words.
You agree to an exclusive marketing agreement.
You notify us of any ongoing correspondence and offers already received from interested parties.
Domains with spelling and typographic errors will not be accepted.
You provide us with traffic statistics for the past 12 months.